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Before signing the expedited car shipping contract

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All about expedited car shipping and companies

  • Before signing the contract or verbally agreeing to it, check out the tips before you entrust you car for expedited car shipping. After signing the contract you are legally bound to the terms & conditions of the auto shipping company.
  • Don’t rely only on verbal promises rather ask for written & signed document. This will prove as evidence and it will be much more effective than a verbal agreement with the auto shipping company.
  • There are few contracts where important points are being buried or imprinted on the reverse side. The fonts are microscopic, and can easily go unnoticed. So before signing to the agreements, read them carefully and understand the conditions which the company wants you to fulfill for expedited car shipping. In few contracts there can be additional materials overleaf. You may not see these materials but may bind yourself with al of them once you sign the contract.
  • All important matters regarding deductibles, costs, claim procedures, damages, pickup and delivery dates, guarantees, cost to cancel shipment etc should be enquired with a tooth comb. There are various factors in expedited car transport which needs to be rechecked like, in case of few companies if the delivery date exceeds, the company may not charge the rental fee.
  • Understand the terms of cancellation, like if the auto shipping company there is a clause when you can request about the cancellation fees.

During signing of the contract with the car shipping company, it is necessary that you should be careful about the terms and agreements because once you have signed the contract, there is nothing you could do as such. Thus if your car is faced with an accident or any damage during the expedited car transport, there are rare chances that you can take legal actions against the company unless there is a clause in the contract about damage reimbursement. The delivery of your car can be in hurry but not your agreement formalities.

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Car shipping equals stress and headache! Picking up the car and transporting it give you enough stress, while the car wont reaches the destination within the stipulated time it’s a headache and thus it can create a brawl. Actually the time of the delivery of the car depends on the amount of distance the car carrier is traveling. To overcome this problem, most of the auto shipping company has introduced expedited car shipping. The company provides this service against an extra payment and ensures that the car is transported to the desired location at the specific date.

When you choose expedited car shipping, always go for some reliable companies. The more specialized services you would choose, you will be more satisfied with the process of accelerating your car delivery. This is because the specialized companies are experienced in the field for providing you with the service. The reputable companies expedited car delivery generally between 7 to 10 days depending on the service which you are using. However there are some extra charges for availing this services but if the company is reputed every cent you pay is worth.

When you have decided that you would use the expedited car transport services, you need to take into account few factors before signing any document. Here are few tips which would help you with some careful steps before getting into any agreement with auto shipping company.

You can rely on professional car shipping companies to take good care of your car and to deliver it on time. Look for a specialist car auto transport shipping company that has the know-how to move your car safely and quickly to the destination.
It doesn’t make sense to hand over your prized possession to an unknown car shipping company without checking its background. It is best to start looking for trustworthy car movers well before the scheduled date of your move. It takes a lot of time to go through all the listings of auto shipping companies in the yellow pages and to contact them individually to get quotes.
If you are moving a standard vehicle, you can use an open carrier. Moving your car in an enclosed carrier will provide extra protection, though it will cost more. An enclosed carrier may be right for you if you have an expensive car.

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