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What is the need of insurance while auto transport?

Insurance is definitely required when you are transporting your car through an auto shipping company. It is a legal bound that all auto carriers must have insurance for the auto transport and the customers should select such auto movers who provide them with the insurance. It is better to go through the certificate of insurance and find out what transport conditions are not covered under the insurance.

Is it necessary that all auto transport company must have a license?

Yes, it is very vital that all auto transporters should have license from the carrier safety department of the federal government. Thus it is necessary that all auto shipping companies must have a legal entity.

How the car should be prepared for auto shipping?

Before shipping the car, it is necessary to check and record any damages. If possible take pictures of the car from all the angles and don’t keep any valuables in the car. Check for any leakages and fix them before auto shipping commences. All the electrical connections should be switched off specially the alarm.

Can I leave few items in the car during shipping?

It is advisable that you should not leave any item inside the car while auto transport, because if there are items then they won’t be covered under insurance. If any damage happens inside the car, you won’t get money from the insurance offered by the car moving companies. Moreover it is also a legal offense to keep items inside the car while auto shipping.

At which place the car will be delivered by the moving company?

When the auto transport truck reaches the destination point, the car driver drops the car at generally at the specified destination. If in any case, the truck is not able to reach the destination because of narrow roads or dead end, then in every possibility you may have to pick up the car from the nearby terminal. All of these terminals are fully secured and licensed under the auto shipping company.

What payment options are available for car moving?

Most of the auto transport companies accept payments through cash, credit cards and sometimes checks. The companies always prefer initial deposits before delivering the car. After the delivery of the vehicle, they can accept checks but before that you have to make an arrangement with the moving company by paying them previously through money order or credit card.

If my car is in a stalled condition and I want to transport it in that condition, is it possible?

Yes that is possible to auto transport stalled car, but there will be an additional charge. The extra charge is for the labors who would haul the car during the both sessions i.e. during pick up time and during delivery time at the destination point.

What role does weather play during car shipping?

Weather certainly plays an important role if you are transporting your car on open carriers. In case the auto shipping is carried out in enclosed carriers then there is no such matter to worry about the weather condition. However it is better to avoid auto shipping if there are warnings of extreme weather conditions.

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You can rely on professional car shipping companies to take good care of your car and to deliver it on time. Look for a specialist car auto transport shipping company that has the know-how to move your car safely and quickly to the destination.
It doesn’t make sense to hand over your prized possession to an unknown car shipping company without checking its background. It is best to start looking for trustworthy car movers well before the scheduled date of your move. It takes a lot of time to go through all the listings of auto shipping companies in the yellow pages and to contact them individually to get quotes.
If you are moving a standard vehicle, you can use an open carrier. Moving your car in an enclosed carrier will provide extra protection, though it will cost more. An enclosed carrier may be right for you if you have an expensive car.

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