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Moving trucks – different types of moving trucks

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Stake body moving trucksI

Stake body moving trucks are similar to pick up trucks but are a bit larger in size. They are perfect for hauling larger sizes of equipments that a pick up truck cannot hold. Larger sizes of goods can be carried by the stake body moving trucks and this can allow the moving of household items from a generally small house. Most people do not own their own stake body moving trucks and thus they are mostly rented from the rental truck companies.

Pick up trucks

Pick up trucks are the most common type of moving trucks available and they are ideal for moving small loads such as small furniture, trash, concrete bags and office and building supplies. The pick up moving trucks are small in size and therefore cannot be used for moving the entire household equipments since you would require making many trips which is not economical.

Aerials and buckets

Aerials and buckets are moving trucks which have extendable arms with a bucket on them that allows you to reach for objects which are on higher grounds or tree tops. The aerials and buckets moving trucks simplify the work of reaching higher places and you can be able to pull out things into the bucket and then bring them down. If you wish to get a moving truck, you can ask a truck rental company to send you a quote via the internet and you will fill out the form and complete the renting deal with them.

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Moving trucks are of different type and are designed to carry out a variety of tasks. Moving requires a lot of work especially if you wish to take many goods with you. The moving trucks rental companies therefore provide you with different types of trucks that will help you to move. The moving truck companies own large fleets of different types of trucks that are geared towards any type of work that you may be willing to perform. The following are different types of moving trucks that are available from moving truck companies.

Dump body moving trucks are large trucks which are able to tilt their bodies up so as to unload the content that they carry. The dump body moving trucks are perfect for moving large volumes of loose materials like sand, dirt, bricks and mulch since they are open at the top and thus loading and unloading is easy. The dump body moving trucks are also able to haul large volumes of trash since the offloading does not require any work from the personnel since the truck can simply tilt and drop the trash out.

Snow trucks are moving trucks which are used for plowing snow from the way. They are usually large and powerful with metal blocks at the front which moves the snow out of the way. The snow moving trucks are able to clear a lot of snow at a very fast rate, which gives you value for your money. Since the snow trucks are only useful during the snow season, they are not usually owned by individuals and you can get them from the truck rental companies.

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